Dog Aggression – How To Handle Aggressive Dogs

image of Aggressive DogEvery dog has the potential of being an aggressive dog. Many believe that all dogs of a certain breed are naturally aggressive but the truth is the ones believed to be aggressive are the ones that people often train to be mean.

Lets take the pit bull breed for example. Pitt Bulls are not overly mean and aggressive by nature. In fact they can be very mild tempered and sweet dogs. The reason for the misconception is that the pit bull is a very common dog for people to train to be mean.

While it is true that a dog of a certain breed is not guaranteed to be mean all dogs have a personality of their own. If you find that you have an aggressive dog you need to use caution around them especially if they are around children.

So what do you do if you’ve adopted an aggressive dog besides wondering “is my dog aggressive“?

Well besides getting your dog obeidience training , the answer depends on how aggressive your dog is and what sets them off.

One form of aggression is when your dog crouches down with their belly close to the ground like they are ready to spring in for the attack while growling and barking. It is usually best to just pretend that your dog is not even there when they do this. The worst thing you can do is look them in the eye because by doing that you are issuing a challenge and it will turn into a game of who is in control.

Never push at your dog or try to spank him when he is doing this or it will turn into a game. Once it becomes a game you will have a very difficult time of breaking your dogs aggressive habit.

If your dog gets aggressive when he is eating the best way to deal with it is to stay around him every time he is eating. Never touch an aggressive dog while he is eating his food. Start out by staying on the other side of the room while he eats and slowly get closer every meal.

Use caution when doing this and pay attention to the signs your dog is giving you. If he is getting nervous then do not get any closer.

When you have a very aggressive dog the best thing you can do is to use caution when around your dog and talk to a dog trainer to get the best advice on how to handle your individual situation and to get more information on training aggressive dogs.

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