The burberry dog collar

image blackberry plaid dog collarThe luxury fashion brand Burberry was established in Britain in 1856. They are famous for a well-known plaid pattern and their signature trench coat. The company has franchises all over the world. They have Royal Warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH he Prince of Wales. The Burberry dog collar comes from the company and carries the distinctive Burberry tartan design. It comes in several sizes to fit different sized dogs.

The Collar

The Burberry dog collar is a classic collar. The front of the collar is covered with the trademark Burberry plaid. It has black webbing in back that is tightly woven and which has proven to be very durable. The collar’s buckle is made of nickel and it has a strong D-ring so the owner can attach the dog identification tags to the collar. You can also attach a matching Burberry leash to the collar.

The collar is made by r.e. stowe for Burberry and they have placed grommet holes one inch apart on the front of the collar to make sure the parts fit securely together. The collar has a number of small magnets to hold the end of the collar in place once it has been placed on your dog.

This collar is both strong and flexible.

This is a beautiful, high quality collar that exhibits outstanding craftsmanship. The collar features strong, durable nylon thread and there is extra stitching at all stress points. The 3/4 inch wide collar is suggested for medium-sized breeds. It fits dogs with necks measuring 11 to 14 inches. The 1/2 inch wide collar is suggested for small breeds.

There is also a matching leash for the collar with the same distinctive Burberry plaid.

Why A Burberry Collar?

You may wonder why someone would wish to buy a Burberry dog collar. If you have any Burberry accessories then why not get a Burberry collar for your dog, too? Then the two of you can match. Burberry has been a symbol of taste and refinement for 150 years. Many people want their dogs to have the highest quality collars and accessories.

Perhaps your dog could save his Burberry collar to wear on special occasions, or maybe he can have a wardrobe of special collars. Many people enjoy spoiling their dogs.

Plus, it’s a beautiful collar, so why not let your dog wear something beautiful?

If you love British refinement then the Burberry collar may be perfect for your dog.


The Burberry dog collar is a classic collar for people who love to pamper their dogs. It is sturdy, well-made, and strong. This is a high quality collar. The plaid pattern is attractive and will look good on virtually any dog, plus it is instantly recognizable as the Burberry pattern. You should be pleased with this collar. Do check various sites online for prices as it can cost different amounts depending on where you purchase it. Your dog should be very happy with this collar.


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