German shepherd training tips

German shepherd on leashGerman Shepherd Dogs are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world today. They are also unique in many ways. They are highly intelligent — estimated to be one of the most intelligent of all breeds. They are courageous. They are loyal and devoted to their owners. They tend to be reserved with strangers but they are not an aggressive breed. Anyone who gets a German Shepherd or a German Shepherd puppy should try to learn about the breed and the ways in which they are different from other dogs. This will help them train their dog. German Shepherds are also very easy to train and they enjoy work. Here are some training tips to help you train your German Shepherd.

Training Tips

1.If you have a German Shepherd puppy, you should be aware that the little fellow is going to grow up to be a large, powerful dog. It’s important to begin training at a young age. You can start training your German Shepherd puppy when he’s 8-12 weeks old by teaching him some basic obedience commands. Keep things simple at this age. Use one-word commands for easy lessons such as Sit and Come.

2.You should also start working on your puppy’s house training when he’s at this age, too. German Shepherd puppies are very intelligent and they are usually easy to housetrain. Put your puppy on a regular schedule, taking him outside as soon as he wakes up in the morning, after every meal, after naps and play sessions, and before bedtime.

3.It’s a good idea to crate train your puppy, too. You can work on crate training when your German Shepherd is about three months old. By this age he should be able to go all night without needing to relieve himself. Be sure to take him outside firs thing in the morning and just before bedtime, when you put him in his crate. Make his crate a comfortable and inviting place and give him some treats and safe toys so he can enjoy his time there.

4.Like other puppies, German Shepherds will be teething when they are around four to seven months of age. They need lots of chew toys at this time. You can also give them some frozen bones and other cool things to chew on to soothe their gums. Your puppy may take a step backward in his training at this time and even challenge your authority. Don’t be too alarmed by this change. Your puppy is going through a normal phase and it will pass.

5.German Shepherd puppies respond well to positive reinforcement training using treats and praise. It’s not typically necessary to use punishment as part of your training. As with most dogs, your German Shepherd can learn very quickly when he is positively motivated.

6.Growing puppies need plenty of exercise. Make sure that your German Shepherd puppy gets lots of exercise. Tired puppies are less likely to get into trouble doing things that are destructive. However, don’t allow your puppy to over-do things like running on pavement or jumping from heights. His bones are still growing and they are easily broken at this young age.

7.Socialization is very important for all puppies, and that’s true for German Shepherds, too. Well-socialized puppies are less likely to bark, to be fearful, and to have other behavior problems. Socialization builds self-confidence. Take your puppy out in public and encourage him to meet friendly strangers and other leashed dogs.

8.Finally, consider signing your puppy up for a puppy kindergarten or puppy pre-school class. If these classes aren’t offered in your area, go ahead and enroll your puppy in a basic obedience class. It’s important for your puppy to receive training and to learn to listen to you when you tell him to do something.


If you follow these training tips you should have a German Shepherd puppy who is well-trained and well-socialized by the time he’s an adult dog. Have fun with your dog!

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