What to look for in outdoor dog beds

dog lying in dog bedMany dogs enjoy outdoor dog beds. But what should you look for if you are going to purchase one for your dog? There are lots of different kinds of beds on the market. How can you choose the best bed for your dog? Here is some information to help you make a good choice.

Outdoor Dog Beds

If you are looking for a good outdoor dog bed for your dog there are some qualities that good beds possess. A good quality outdoor bed will last longer and be more comfortable for your dog. Here are some things to look for:

  • Choose a bed that is water-resistant so it can stand up to rain if it gets wet.
  • Choose a bed that is UV-resistant so the sun won’t make it fade and wear out quickly.
  • Look for a bed that is made of a sturdy, durable fabric so your dog’s muddy paws and hopping up and down on the bed won’t tear it up.

Many good outdoor beds are made from the same kind of thick fabric that patio furniture is made from. You can look for heavyweight nylon fabric such as fabric that is tear-resistant 600 denier nylon. This fabric is more durable than ordinary cotton and it won’t wear out as fast.

You can choose an outdoor bed that lies on the ground or a cot. Dogs that have trouble getting up and down may prefer a bed on the ground. However, a cot is easier on your dog’s joints and may be more comfortable. If you get a cot you can choose either a stainless steel frame or a PVC frame. A cot will also allow air to circulate underneath the bed so it may be cooler in the warm months.

Beds that lie on the ground will have filling inside so choose one with a comfortable filling for your dog. Some of these beds are indoor/outdoor beds and they can be orthopedic for dogs with joint problems or for old dogs. They can even be heated beds for use in the winter.

An outdoor dog bed should be easy to wash. If you get a dog bed that lies on the ground and which has filling for a center, be sure you can zip off the outer covering so you can wash it.

Outdoor beds usually come in different sizes so be sure to get a size that will be big enough for your dog.

You can also buy a travel cot for your dog so you can take your dog’s outdoor bed with you if you and your dog travel. A travel cot should be lightweight and easy to fold and manage when you travel.


An outdoor dog bed can be a great place to relax and be comfortable for your dog. Choose a good quality bed for your dog. It will last longer and be more comfortable for your dog. You can choose a cot-style or a bed that lies on the ground. Both types of beds have good features.


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