How to train your dog to attack

Training dog to attackIf you would like to train your dog to attack you should know that you will be medically and financially liable for any harm that your dog does to someone if it attacks them.  Even if a burglar or someone comes onto your property and your dog attacks them, courts have found owners to be responsible for damages to the injured party.

Training your dog to attack is a big responsibility.  In most cases if you wish to have a properly trained attack dog, owners seek out a dog that has been trained by a professional who can teach them how to give commands to the dog.  Attack dogs usually come from specific breeders and bloodlines and they have been bred for generations for their specific skills.  It takes dogs with particularly stable temperaments to be good attack dogs. Otherwise a dog may not be reliable and could harm you or someone in your family, or a friend.

If you would still like to train your dog to attack you can follow the steps below.

1.  Talk to a breeder who breeds attack dogs and see about obtaining a puppy or a young dog from their bloodlines.  A dog from one of these breeders will be much more likely to turn out to be a good attack dog as an adult since it will have the necessary skills and temperament you are seeking.  Most of these breeders use German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, or Rottweilers, along with a few other breeds.

2.  Work with a professional protection dog trainer.  This trainer will help you teach your dog basic obedience commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, and Heel. Your dog must be well-grounded in basic obedience before beginning in protection work.  You must always have your dog under full control at all times.  Dogs doing attack work are never in a frenzy.  They are always performing under full control.

3.  Your dog should be taught to be indifferent to stranger and other animals.  This means that your dog should not be overly friendly or threatening to other dogs.  This requires a dog with a calm and steady temperament who is not easily provoked.  Your dog should ignore other people and animals unless you give him the command to interact with them.

4.  Working with the professional trainer, you will work on your dog’s bite work.  You can start with a bite stick and other objects and graduate to working with a person wearing a bite suit.  Your dog should be on-leash for this training at first and you can move up to working off the leash.  Teach your dog to bite at the arms and legs of the suit. This is the best way to stop an intruder.

5.  Teach your dog to respond to one-word commands to attack and to halt the attack.  You will need to consistently use the same commands.

6.  You and your dog can move up to simulating attacks by working with someone wearing the bite suit.  Practice giving your dog the command to attack and reward your dog when he attacks as commanded.  Praise your dog and reward him when he releases and stops the attack as commanded.  Move on to training your dog to attack when he sees you being attacked by the person in the bite suit.  Your dog will need to learn that he is supposed to protect you when he sees you in trouble.  He needs to learn to act on his own belief that you need help.

If you work with the professional trainer to train your dog, and you have a dog that is a good candidate for protection dog work to start with, then you can train your dog for attack work and hope to achieve good results.  You will need to work hard with your dog to achieve reliable, consistent results.  If your dog has an unstable temperament or if you only half-finish the training, then your dog could be dangerous to you and to others.  It’s important to choose a good dog for training and to finish the training that you start.  Working with a good professional trainer can make a big difference in how well your dog turns out as an attack dog.

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